How Often Should I Feed My Dog?


DogLicious says: "I trust feeding time to you".

Some caregivers feel that, just like people, canines need to eat more than once a day. Breakfast and dinner daily are thought to be ideal. "Dogs are diurnal, like us. They're up with the sun, ready for sleep at night, and need balanced nutrition feeding spread throughout the day."

There are those who allow their dogs to eat as much as they like at each feeding. This can be fine, but only if the dog does not gain or lose a lot of weight.

There are others who prefer free choice. Whether you feed your dog free choice (which means providing a constant food supply throughout the day) or not, depends entirely on the dog.

If your dog is a "nibbler," you can put out the entire day's portion and let him or her eat it whenever it want's, throughout the day. However, if you continually fill the bowl whenever it becomes empty, your dog will more than likely overeat. It may be a better idea to provide your dog with a predetermined daily portion, based on it's nutritional requirements and spread it throughout the day...then, when it's gone, it's gone.

The ASPCA has recommendations for feeding a dog on their website at:

These consist of:   Feeding Older Dogs
                           Feeding Your Adult Dog
                           Feeding A Puppy
                           Nutrients For A Dog
                           Feeding An Overweight Dog

* Remember, no matter how old your dog is, he or she should have fresh water at all times! This is especially critical during the summer months when it's hot and your dog can become dehydrated.

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