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When feeding your dog, you need to be aware of the many foods dogs should never eat, some of them can be really harmful...make them very sick and even kill them!                                                        
If you read the newspaper or watch TV, you've heard about the contaminated dog food recalls a few years ago and the dangers some commercial dog foods pose to our best friends. 
                                                                                                                                                   Click here to learn all about the most recent and latest dog food recalls                                                              
You'd like to think finding a healthy and nutritious dog food diet for your puppy dog would be simple. But actually, canine nutrition can be a complex subject, requiring a good deal of scientific study and a knowledge of canine physiology. We hope to take the complexity out of it for you.

Trying to figure out this whole healthy dog food thing can be overwhelming. There are so many brands, so many options in each brand, so much to read. Learning about nutritious dog and puppy feeding takes a lot of effort and time...time dog care givers would rather spend on other endeavors.

Let us help you! It's what we do...

Deciding on the best diet and healthiest dog foods for our best friends can be a real dilemma for many of us. We have so many unanswered questions and concerns. And, with such a multitude of choices available, it's no wonder there's so much confusion on the subject... especially after all those deaths and dog food recalls in recent years!

  You'll be relieved to know you don't need a "Dogtorate" degree in canine nutritional science in order to   provide your best friend with a safe and nutritious dog food diet.
Here on our website and our DogBlog our goal is to simplify the process for you. We attempt to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns, in order to make the everyday routine of dog feeding an enjoyable one for both you and your best friend...

We'll be offering you the largest collection of useful information, covering every aspect of dog feeding that we possibly can. Check back with us often as we'll frequently be adding valuable new content.
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                                  What's in my bowl?                                                                                     Learn All About Dog Food Dangers Here

"DogLicious", our guide dog and mascot, will walk you through and help you understand the often perplexing, but always fascinating, world of canine nutrition.

So, let's start out on the right paw and follow him...

What Should I Feed My Dog? OK, so where do we start? Let's start at the beginning with the quality of dog food, itself. Whatever you do, please avoid poor quality foods. In addition to causing serious health and behavioral problems for your best friend, cheap dog food will actually cost you much more in the long run.

Besides being directly responsible for health issues that can lead to a mountain of vet bills, the recommended feeding quantities listed on the labels of cheap foods are much higher (usually double) than those of the high quality dog foods. You'll need to give your dog even more of the cheaper food to provide even the minimum daily recommended nutrition amounts. This can be costly!

Read more about good dog food here...

What Should I Not Feed My Dog? As a loving care giver, you should protect your best friend from consuming anything that could cause harm, including bad commercial dog foods.

Because canines' metabolisms are different than humans or other animal species, there are many foods and other everyday items we can eat that are toxic to dogs, make them very sick...even kill them. All dogs are curious creatures by nature and love to look for anything that might be considered edible. As Doglicious said earlier, "Dogs will eat anything!" However, there are some things a dog wants to chew or lick that could  be very poisonous.

Because of this, you need to think of your dog as a you would a child and "dog-proof" your home. Doing this will make it much less likely that your best friend will accidentally consume anything that could be highly toxic for dogs. 

Learn all about bad dog food and other toxic items for dogs here 

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?  One of the best ways to determine the right quantity is to first buy a high quality dog food. Then check the recommended feeding amount listed on the label.

Read more about how much you should feed your dog

How Often Should I Feed My Dog?  Most dogs will usually eat large and infrequent meals. The experts believe adult dogs do well eating once or twice a day. There are some who recommend feeding a dog twice daily. Puppies, however, require more frequent feedings because their growing bodies need a lot of nutrients for the energy to meet those needs. 

Learn about how often you should feed your dog here

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We attempt to break down every topic in detail for you, in order to provide as much information as we possibly can on our Dog Nutrition Details page, our Dog Blog posts, as well as on each of our other individual web pages.
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*Remember! Have fresh water available for your dog, at all times. This is especially critical during the summer months when it's hot and your dog can become dehydrated.

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