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Dog Supplies Mall: a huge dog supplies emporium with everything for dogs...

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About buying dog food online...

We understand that many of you have a difficult time finding healthy dog foods where you live and would welcome our assistance. Most local supermarkets do not stock holistic dog foods and many premium dog food producers won't sell to pet food chains. Here are some of our suggestions and opinions on buying dog food online, plus a list of reputable online pet food distributors.

We also understand that the best dog foods are not cheap and because of tight budgets in this economy, we all need to shop around and compare dog food prices. This includes checking online pet suppliers and online dog food coupons to help us out.

Our team at Feeding A Dog is dedicated to our dog buddies, and the dog persons who love and care for them. We want to help everyone find the healthiest, most nutritious and simply the best dog foods.

Below is a list the advantages of buying dog food online and some helpful tips to make your online shopping an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We are in the process of compiling a list of reliable and reputable online pet supply distributors and dog food suppliers and will post it soon.

The Pros of Buying Pet Food Online

*Easy Access to All Natural Dog Food Brands

Buying pet food online is a great option for those of you without easy access to all brands of all-natural, holistic dog food.

*Certain online pet food suppliers carry a wide variety of the best dog food brands on the market.

*Convenience at Your Fingertips

Online pet supplies are shipped promptly, and usually arrive at your doorstep within a couple of days of ordering.
Some online pet food companies also give the option of setting up regularly scheduled shipments at discounted prices.

*Competitive Dog Food Prices

Buying dog food online has become a very competitive industry. Pet food companies frequently offer various discounts and specials on the major premium dog food brands.

Although we have access to several specialty pet food stores where we live, we very rarely come across offline stores offering the same special promotions and discounts as online dog food suppliers.

Therefore, purely from a cost perspective, it is definitely worthwhile for everyone to compare prices of online pet supplies. Even with the cost of shipping, the savings can often be substantial.

We'll keep our site constantly updated with announcements of dog food coupons and all other special deals.

Best Online Pet Supply Stores

We have researched and came up with a list of the most reputable and competitively priced online pet supply distributors...many with a large selection of healthy, holistic premium dog foods.

The first resource for online pet supplies we are recommending is... needs little introduction. They are a household name and an extremely professional, ethical, and well-managed organization. We have personally purchased from Amazon many times, and were completely satisfied each time. In addition to offering dog food, they also have a complete inventory of dog supplies, dog gift items, dog books, cookbooks for dogs, etc.

Tip:  Amazon is extremely customer service oriented. For extra peace of mind, whenever possible, try to buy products actually "Sold by Amazon", or "Shipped by Amazon". In this way, should you ever encounter a problem, it will be handled by Amazon themselves, as opposed to the independent online pet food distributor selling the product.

Here's our our link to Amazon dog food supplies



Premium Pet Supplies is a site that leans more toward dogs and is favored by most dog breeders, professional groomers and show dog handlers for their extensive selection of supplies for dogs.

Founded in  1969, Cherrybrook has a long, outstanding history of serving professional  breeders, show dog handlers and pet parents. Cherrybrook's vision is to provide customers with the dog supplies they need to raise vigorous puppies, to turn show  dogs into champions, and to keep family pets healthy and happy. Built upon high  standards of excellence, Cherrybrook offers a wide selection of health and  wellness products, grooming supplies, educational materials and unique gifts for dog lovers.

Cherrybrook carries a complete line of pet products and offers some very competitive prices.

Shop for all your Dog Grooming and Pet Supplies by Brand and find what you need quickly. Their Shop by Brand feature makes finding the products you want easy and fun. Just select one of the leading brands on their list and you can view that brand's complete product offerings...simple!

In addition to their extensive search menu and shop by brand section, they offer a special section where you can shop by dog breed and find items that are breed specific. You can shop for gifts or items for yourself like bookends, dog clothing, dog art, dog collectibles, figurines, ornaments, snow globes, statues and much more. It's a fun place to shop for dog related items and all your dog supplies!

 To visit Cherrybrook and Save On Pet Supplies click the link below the picture.


                                Save on Pet Supplies at Cherrybrook


is a name we all recognize. To visit them, click the banner below...

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is known as approved pet medications. They offer Free Shipping one of the best sources for pet medications, pet vitamins, pet supplements and pet supplies. Like your vet, PetMeds provides only U.S. FDA/EPA on orders above $30, except for refrigerated items.

They have a great customer care center and pet pharmacy if you have any questions about filling the prescriptions for your pet medicines. In addition, they have a "Today's Specials" feature with discounts on treats, toys, pet meds and other pet supplies.

Click below to order your dog meds, vitamins and supplies online...


1-800-PetMeds - America's Pet Health Resource

Please come back soon for some important new additions...

*Remember, have fresh water available for your dog, at all times! This is especially critical during the summer months when it's hot and your dog can become dehydrated.

Important Notice! Although we are long time dog enthusiasts and dog advocates, we are not veterinarians or
professional animal nutritionists. Our purpose is strictly to provide you with information, so that you can make your
own informed decisions. Any and all information contained within or stated on this web site and on our blog is provide
d for general information purposes. The information provided is not direct veterinary advice and should not be
construed as such nor substituted for a consultation with a veterinarian or dog nutrition professional. Every dog and
 situation is different. If you have any concerns about your dog's health, please contact your veterinarian's office
ely. We all love our dogs and want only the very best for them! "In Dogs We Trust"

**Compensation Disclosure: Feeding A Dog receives compensation for referred sales of some or all mentioned suppliers and products...this helps us pay the bills and keep the site updated regularly with important information for you.


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