Wellness brand dog food is produced by the Old Mother Hubbard company. Old Mother Hubbard was first founded in 1926, as a sub-company to a family baking operation. In 1961, Old Mother Hubbard was purchased by an animal nutritional expert, and moved to Lowell, Massachusetts. The Wellness line of products was first developed in the 1990's, by the CEO of the company at the time, Jim Scott Jr. Wellness brand dog food first was released to the pet food market in 1999. The company's headquarters are currently located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. In addition to producing dog food, Old Mother Hubbard also produces cat food, as well as several varieties of pet treats.



Wellness brand dog food is available in both dry and canned varieties. There are currently three different lines of products marketed by Wellness: Super5Mix, Simple food Solutions and Wellness CORE. Each of these formulas is designed to meet the needs of dog owners looking for specific nutritional profiles for their dogs.



  1. Wellness Super5mix Dry Dog Food formulas are designed to meet the needs of dogs in all life stages. In addition to this, there are some specialty formulas that are specifically designed for small breed or large breed dogs. These formulas are based around a balanced diet of protein and complex carbohydrates. Wellness Super5Mix formulas are said to be highly digestible as well.
  2. Wellness Simple Food Solutions dry dog food formulas are designed for dogs that are suffering from food allergies, or food intolerance. These formulas revolve around a "1 + 1" system, which combines a sole protein source (in this case, duck, lamb or salmon) with one easily digestible carbohydrate. The ingredients in these formulas are limited, so that even dogs with severe allergies can choose a formula that fits their diet. There are currently three Simple Food Solutions formulas in this product line.
  3. Wellness CORE dry dog food formulas are grain-free, and designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs that need a balanced protein diet. Instead of stuffing their formula with meat like other dog food companies, Wellness CORE operates off of the philosophy that adding too much protein also increases the fat and calorie content of a food. There are currently three dry formulas in the Wellness CORE product line.


Most reviews of Wellness brand dog food are positive. The Old Mother Hubbard Company seems to have a good reputation among most pet owners, with only a few people expressing dissatisfaction with the company. Many dog owners cited the high quality of the ingredients in Wellness brand dog food formulas as their reason for purchasing the food. Some of the dog owners that had bad experiences with Wellness dog food formulas cited that dogs with sensitive digestive systems may have some trouble when switched to Wellness brand dog food. One dog owner stated that her bag of Wellness dog food was filled with insects, but this could have been an issue with the retailer(s) from which the formula was purchased.

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