Natural Balance brand dog food is produced and marketed by Natural Balance Pet Foods, which is often referred to as "Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods". The company was first founded in 1989, by Dick Van Patten and his partners. Aside from producing formulas for household pets, Natural Balance Pet Foods also produces zoological formulas for animals such as wolves, lions, polar bears and tigers that live in captivity. Natural Balance Pet Foods has also participated in several programs, such as the Hurricane Katrina Rescue effort for lost pets. The headquarters for Natural Balance Pet Foods are currently located in Los Angeles, California. Natural Balance Pet Foods only became successful after Petco opened 625 new stores, as the company was previously losing money. Today, Natural Balance Pet Foods have many different formulas, and are the official dog food of the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives dogs.



Natural Balance dry dog food formulas can vary in color, due to the meat and vegetables used in the formula. All of the Natural Balance dog food formulas are preserved with mixed tocopherols, which are a source of Vitamin E. In addition to this, Natural Balance dog food formulas contain Canola Oil, in order to provide monunsaturated fat and omega 3. Since Natural Balance dog food formulas are marketed as being appropriate for "All Life Stages", they can be fed to puppy, adult and senior dogs. However, Natural balance does recommend a few specific formulas for puppies, in order to ensure that puppies receive proper nutrition. The philosophy behind this is that puppies will automatically stop eating when they consume a sufficient amount of nutrients.



  1. Natural Balance Ultra Premium Formula
  2. Natural Balance Reduced Calorie Formula
  3. Natural Balance A.M.P. Ultra Active Formula
  4. Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Bison Formula
  5. Natural Balance Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Formula
  6. Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison Formula
  7. Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken Formula
  8. Natural Balance Potato & Duck Formula
  9. Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish Formula
  10. Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula
  11. Natural Balance Organic Formula


Most dog owners report having positive experiences when feeding their dogs Natural Balance brand dog food. It is said to promote a healthy coat, maintain healthy weight, and have a high amount of digestibility. The protein sources in all Natural Balance dog food formulas are "human grade", which most dog owners found to be a positive factor of these formulas. The formulas are not exceptionally high in protein, but some dog owners cited this as a positive factor. The first ingredient in some of the dog food formulas was Sweet Potato (instead of a protein source), which some customers cited as a negative factor.

A few dog owners reported that their dogs experienced excessive gas, loose stools and digestive problems when switched to some Natural Balance dog food formulas. However, this problem seemed to only be associated with specific formulas, and was cured (by some dog owners) by switching to another Natural Balance formula.

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