What Should I Feed My Dog?
           What Shouldn't I Feed My Dog?
                How Much Should I Feed My Dog?
                    How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

Do You Need Answers To These Questions?
Follow our friend "Doglicious to get them...

DogLicious says: "Dogs will eat almost anything, if you let them".

There are many foods dogs should not eat; some foods can be quite harmful....make them very sick....even kill them!

If you read the newspaper or watch TV, you've heard about the dog food recalls and dangers some commercial dog foods pose to our best friends.
You'd think feeding a dog a healthy and nutritious diet would be rather simple but,
 actually, the subject of canine nutrition is rather involved, requiring a great deal of scientific study and knowledge of canine physiology. 

Deciding on the best diet and healthiest foods to feed your dog can prove to be a real dilemma to many of us. There are loads of questions, concerns, opinions and a multitude of choices available for feeding a dog. It's no wonder there's so much confusion on the subject, especially after all those deaths and recalls. You'll be relieved to know that you don't need a degree in canine nutritional science to provide your dog with a safe and nutritious diet.

We here at Feeding A Dog and on our DogBlog hope to simplify the process for you, answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. We want to make the everyday routine of feeding a dog concern-free for you, and enjoyable for both you and your best friend...

"Our mission is to inform, interest, inspire and occasionally amuse you".

This site focuses on feeding a dog, for the love of dogs.



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Below, our friend "DogLicious" will be walking us through the often perplexing, but ever fascinating, world of feeding a dog.

What Should I Feed My Dog? OK, so where do we start? Let's start with the quality of the dog food, itself. Whatever you do, please avoid poor quality foods. In addition to causing serious health and behavioral problems, cheap dog food will actually cost you much more in the long run. Besides being directly responsible for health issues that can lead to a mountain of vet bills, the recommended feeding quantities listed on the labels of cheap foods are much higher (usually double) than those of the high quality dog foods. You'll need to feed your dog even more of the cheaper food to provide even the minimum daily recommended nutrition amounts. Read more here

What Should I Not Feed My Dog? As a loving care giver, you should protect your dog from consuming anything that could cause harm, including bad commercial dog foods. There are many everyday items that are toxic to dogs and can even kill them. All dogs are curious creatures by nature and love to look for anything that might be considered edible. As Doglicious said earlier, "Dogs will eat anything"! However, there are some things a dog wants to chew or lick that could  be very poisonous. Because of this, you need to think of your dog as a you would a child and "dog-proof" your home. Doing this will make it much less likely that your dog will accidentally consume anything that could be highly toxic. We list dangerous items here

How Much Should I  Feed My Dog?  One of the best ways to determine the right quantity for feeding a dog is to first buy a high quality dog food, and then check the recommended feeding amount listed on the label. Read more here

When Should I Feed My Dog?  Most dogs will usually eat large and infrequent meals. The experts believe adult dogs do well eating once or twice a day. There are some who recommend feeding a dog twice daily. Puppies, however, require more frequent feedings because their growing bodies need a lot of energy to meet those needs.  Read more here 

I Need Even More Information...Where Can I Find It? We break down every topic and provide as much information as we possibly can in our Dog Nutrition In Detail page, our DogBlog posts and on each of our individual Feeding A Dog web pages. If you want even more detailed information on feeding a dog  click here...this will totally shock you!

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Important Notice! Although we are long time dog enthusiasts and dog advocates, we are not veterinarians or professional animal nutritionists. Our purpose is strictly to provide you with information, so that you can make your own informed decisions. Any and all information contained within or stated on this web site and on our blog is provided for general information purposes. The information provided is not direct veterinary advice and should not be construed as such nor substituted for a consultation with a veterinarian or dog nutrition professional. Every dog and situation is different. If you have any concerns about your dog's health, please contact your veterinarian's office immediately. We all love our dogs and want only the very best for them! "In Dogs We Trust"


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