Extend Your Dogs Life!

You can extend the life of your dog by a huge percentage with just a few tips that will help. Practically every dog parent knows there has been a lot of problems and bad press with commercial dog food over the past few years. There's been several dog food recalls because of the toxic ingredients that were discovered ingredients as well as because of the many pets that lost their lives.

You never really know exactly what goes into commercial dog foods...there have been reports of diseased animal carcasses and bones, road kill and euthanized pets...even animal feces! And if that wasn't enough, what about all the useless and harmful fillers along with dangerous preservatives and additives that go into commercial dog foods to prolong their shelf life.

Here are just a few tips to help you extend  your dogs life and keep your best friend as healthy and robust as possible..

Water!  Every living thing needs water to survive so this one is not unexpected. Water keeps your dog hydrated which then ensures that every internal organ works efficiently

Vitamins and Minerals!  Just like us hum dogs need their vitamins and minerals. They cannot live a long and healthy life unless they get them. Speak to your vet for advice on the correct amount of vitamins and minerals your dog requires in his or her dog food for a balanced diet.

Fatty Acids! Omega 3 and omega 6 are essential to include in your dogs diet. They will improve your dogs coat and also  help to protect their joints.

Protein! This is the main ingredient every dog needs to build muscle and regulate antibodies. There should be at least 40% of protein in your dogs diet.

Carbohydrates! Your dog needs carbohydrates for a healthy supply of energy each day.

You may have noticed all of the above items recommended for your dog are comparable to what's in a human diet.

If you make your own healthy homemade dog food you can control each of the food's the ingredients in order to ensure your dog is fed safe and healthy food and lives a long robust life.

This is really quite easy and not at all time consuming, because the foods that you will be preparing are pretty much the same as what you eat. You can prepare a supply of it for your dog while you are cooking your own dinner and then freeze portions of it for a whole week at a time, it couldn't be easier!!

I suggest you ask your vet what your particular breed of dog requires, with regard to how much of each nutrient you should include in his or her food.

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